Spoiler Alert: Musical Theatre Plot Twists Presented Without Context

He/she comes back from the dead to sing the closing number.

She comes back from the dead mooing.

He DOESN'T come back from the dead.

He meets a tap dancing demon in the land of the dead.

Turns out he's not so alive.

A couple of goose rings prevent incest.

The night smiles a third time.

The fiddler gets off the roof. FOR NOW!!!

They hang him anyway because the South is terrible.

The nuns steal car parts.

Sadly, his parents had passed away years before.

Sadly, her parents had passed away years before.

Yeah, the one last kiss happens, but it kinda sucks.

Love wins.

The cowboy wins.

Malthus wins.

Children do listen, and now one of them rules Siam.

Don't kill beggar women.

The Japanese take over the world.

The plant takes over the world.

The Mormons take over the world.

Dance takes over the world. 'Cause it's the 60's?

He blows out his candles.

He turns into a prince.

She turns into a beast.

He ends up naked and alone on stage with only his wife and kid.

Maybe he dies in Vietnam? At least it's sunny.

He's alone and doesn't even own a club to show for it.

Women can be lawyers and Shakespeare is a fraud.

The raggedy cat comes home.

She finds her raggedy cat in an alley.

The raggedy cat dies.

She chews her pencil.

The Think System doesn't work, but the everyone's happy anyway.

Two murderers are better than one.

They were NAZI's the whole time!

He hears an echo.

The priest is terrible as doing mass. The congregation is no help.

She brings him his slippers. He's still an asshole.

One guy catches religion, the other guy catches a cold.

They sign the Declaration. It's seriously in doubt for a while.

They die because of lack of sex education.

She wins the lotto.

Prison is a great place to produce a musical.