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The Turing Test

In this full-length electropop musical, artificial intelligences in the mind-boggling distant future tell the story of their god, gay codebreaker Alan Turing, to figure out what a human is.

Listen to “We Know Everything”

Listen to “Am I Really That Different?”

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The Baroque Cycle

Why can’t things be like they were when times were simpler. Like the Baroque Era! “The Baroque Cycle” is a contemporary musical theatre song cycle that sounds like it came from the 1700’s. It investigates the dangers of nostalgia and shutting out the problems of the present. Maybe the past wasn’t as simple as we thought….

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Peter and the Pied Piper

The Pied Piper is back in town and all the kids want to follow him. Peter, however, thinks they should stop and listen more closely the Piper's message. What exactly is he saying? Accompanied by Julius Cheeser, the last Rat in town, Peter goes on a dangerous quest to find the true meaning of this flashy trickster's words. Through rap music, ukulele ballads, and upbeat city rhythms, this new musical for elementary age children will have them laughing and cheering, while they also question who should be followed and who should not.

Video Game Music



"Elimination" is a simple word game about finding the longest words by eliminating letters. The soundtrack is dark, ambient, electronic music. Game by Ahmed Khalifa.

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Film Score



Created by Erin Oechsel, NewB centers around a hopeful girl moving to New York City. Her optimism & extremely limited knowledge of the Big Apple gets her into some sticky situations that she must wriggle herself out of.

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Sound Design


Between Panic and Desire

Mark's disability benefits are cut, triggering his PTSD. Older sister Caridad picks up younger sister Esperanza, hospitalized for psychological evaluation. While waiting for Dr. Greene to make a house call, they talk about their family's quirks and history. Dr. Greene arrives and tells Mark he has no sisters. Except he does. Where lies reality?

Listen to an excerpt of the music from the 2018 production here.



¡Canta! Songs to Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish with these fun, catchy songs that repeat vocabulary clearly. Active play opportunities are embedded in each song. Children 0+ and adults alike will love these songs. Perfect for the classroom, homeschool or just to play in the car! Created by Meredith Kaunitz, music by Jonathon Lynch.

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