Time Travel Makes Complete Sense

Hey there everyone.

First of all, I’m revamping the website a bit over the next few days, so if something looks a bit out-of-place… sorry!

My 20 minute musical, “Time Travel Makes Complete Sense” is being performed this Thursday, September 20th at 5 PM at the Bruno Walter Auditorium in the Lincoln Center!

Book by Gil Varod, Lyrics by Kit Goldstein-Grant & Gil Varod, Music by me.

“Crystal is a lot like you. She hates dating. She hates swiping. And she particularly hates the way that future versions of herself keep showing up in the middle of the date telling her what to do. 
Will Crystal make it through the evening, or will temporal rifts cause all of existence to erase? Dating is the *worst*--even Future You agrees!”

Presented as part of Across a Crowded Room, an evening of one-act musicals that starts at 5:00pm (if you have to arrive late, “TTMCS” should be starting at 6:00pm). 

Tickets are free! Reservations can be made here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/across-a-crowded-room-new-twenty-minute-musicals-tickets-48240255904