Tuesday Tunes: July 2016

It's the last Tuesday of the month, so here's the soundtrack to my past few weeks.

Kraftwerk, Computer World

Research for my latest project. Months ago I wrote something thinking, "This is a neat way to organize a song. I don't know anyone else who has done this but I'm really happy with it!" Then I listened to Computer World and thought, "Oh hey, they did this."

Beach Boys, Pet Sounds

A classic I've been meaning to get to for years. Now it's summer and it seemed like the perfect time to dive in.

The Pillows, "Ride On Shooting Star"

With FLCL seasons 2 and 3 coming out on Netflix (omg yaaaaassss!!!!) I got in the mood to listen to some Pillows.

Kacey Musgraves, Same Trailer, Different Park

Country is a bit of a departure for me right now; my research has lately been electronica, hip hop, or musical theatre. But I am really digging Kacey Musgraves. Her fascinating characters, her rebellious streak, the way her chords move...I love it.

Rill Rill, "Sleigh Bells"

I'm the type of person to listen to a song over and over, only later checking out the lyrics to see what the song is saying. This is one of those songs. I had to look up the lyrics just now to see what they were going on about (something having to do with high school and conformity and staying in relationships I think), but I love the music. Tubular bells, snaps, Funkadelic sample...it's magic.

What's been coming out of your earbuds this month?