Turing Test

A full-length electropop musical about Alan Turing: the cryptographer to break the Nazi Enigma code, the scientist who thought that machines could some day think, and a man who was castrated for his homosexuality. His story is narrated by artificial intelligences at the heat death of the universe as they wonder what it means to be human.

Are You There

Am I Really That Different

A Fuss

Baroque Cycle

A contemporary musical theatre song cycle based on Baroque dance suite forms of music. An actress, who is sick of the modern world with all of its chaos and confusion, longs for the simpler days of the Baroque Era. As she tries to get her life together, she realizes that happiness doesn’t come from shutting out the present but by embracing it. And maybe, just maybe, the Baroque Era wasn’t as simple as she thought.

Prelude in C Major: Why Was I Born in these Modern Times

Allemande in F Major: My Life’s a Mess

Courante in Bb Major: Auditioning’s Sweet

Sarabande in Eb Major: Sitting on a Bench in Union Square

Stand Alone Songs

Now I’m a Hero

Hey! (lyrics by Danielle Trzcinski)

Drive (lyrics by Danielle Trzcinski)

Other Projects

Peter and the Pied Piper